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Quality Control Department

Model : 1. TERSA
2. Zeiss CMM
* 1
* 2
Working term : 24 hours

JYI purchased the Carl Zeiss CMM measuring machine in 2007 to improve the confidence of the customers for our machining dimensions and assure the product quality and assigned the staffs to attend the classes for 3D measurement. It made the confidence of our customers highly improved from die-casting process to the following machining process. We also arrange the calibration for the measuring machines and oil pressure fixtures on regular time to assure the quality stability for the following mass-production machining process.

JYI purchased 2nd Carl Zeiss CMM measuring machine in 2009 to match up the continual expansion of our CNC department line and to assure the quality inspection proportion. We hope it can conform much more to the quality control of mass production and It can avoid the man-made mistakes to let our customers have poor products to delay the lead time or loss of business reputation. JYI specially requested Carl Zeiss to plan some relevant training classes for our entire quality control process except we purchased the CMM measuring machines to increase the equipments for our quality department. It can make the CNC on-line operators and QC department staffs have the same concept for machining dimensions. They also can use some gauges to simply confirm during the machining process and control the machining quality according to the random check any time and then attach the random inspection reports with the shipment. The customers can clearly understand that our mass production products have the guaranty of both consistency and stability.

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