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Injection Molding Department

Machine : 3 models (Max:1000T)
Working term : 24 hours

Among the foreign customers of JYI, most of them need for molding parts. So JYI have purchased injection molding machines in 2006 as well, including 1000T, 600T and 180T. The current main supplying parts are such as office accessory, medical equipment parts, relevant parts for elderly welfare products and pneumatic tool parts…etc. JYI supply not only the service of molding parts but also supply professional molding part machining service and trimming service as well.

JYI has entered the molding business successfully due to more than 28-year experience of Aluminum and Zinc die-casting business. JYI execute from assisting the customers for molding tooling development, tooling manufacture, tooling test to sample confirmation by the well-trained employees. It gains not only the order of famous foreign companies but also continual orders from the current customers. JYI use the brand new material supplied from the large plastic material suppliers with certificates and hope we may supply the customers much more various services by our molding department in the near future.