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Die-casting Department

Aluminum machine : 150T * 1Unit / 250T * 2Units / 350T * 1Unit / 420T * 1Unit / 560T * 1Unit
Zinc machine : 3 models (Max: 200T)
Working term : 24 hours

JYI have been devoted to increasing the quality since established in 1981. We have been updating the aluminum and Zinc die-casting machines, furnace equipments (from fuel upgraded to electricity) and the environmental protection equipments for the following cooling fluid recycling. JYI not only supply the high-quality Aluminum and Zinc die-casting products to all the customers over the world but also to try our efforts to protect the earth.

Current main products include gearbox, drivers, motor parts, pneumatic tools, art works, freezing equipment, office accessory and special medical chair parts. The main markets include UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries in Europe.

Our current service for die-casting products is from the drawing discussion during tooling development, tooling manufacture, tooling test, sample confirmation and mass-production. We also supply the service of sample production during the initial development for the customers to estimate the new development case more clearly on execution. JYI supply the service of CNC machining as well and to use the least time to complete the production process in our plant and assure the business confidentiality for our customers.